Kelly Systems crews install all of the standard sizes of suspension grid for acoustical drop ceilings, metal plank ceilings, wood plank ceilings, and also wood grill ceilings. We install many types of wall panels and also square edge tile and tegular acoustical ceiling tiles.

We can install acoustical ceiling transitions with drywall furring grid to acoustical ceiling grid. On the drywall furring grid, we hang drywall on the horizontal plane to the acoustical grid. At the edge of the drywall, we may placeĀ a mudded flange stop bead. And then in the acoustical grid, we may install ceiling tile to make a clean transition from wall to ceiling. On some projects, Kelly Systems installs specialty acoustic cloud ceilings along with a metal trim edge for the border of the acoustical cloud. Our craftsmen also have experience installing ceiling canopy kits and specialty wing ceiling kits from most major manufacturers. Our crews are OSHA-certified in scaffold safety practices and participate in monthly safety meetings.